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Management:  Putnam Property Management        239-591-1057

         David C. Putnam, CAM 

        792 94th Ave. N.

        Naples, FL.  34108

        Fax:  239-596-1843


Quarterly Condominium Fee:   $730.00 per quarter; due   January 1st, April 1st,  July 1st, and October 1st.  Please make checks payable to “Naples Trace         Condominium Association, Inc.” Please remember to include your unit number on all checks/correspondence; indicate any changes to your address, telephone number, or e-mail address; send to management address above.              

Rentals:  All rental procedures will be followed as strictly outlined in our rules and regulations and our rental document links below. All prospective tenants (including seasonal renters) must be screened by the management company and two members of the Board of Directors before a lease can be issued. Any changes in tenants must be reported immediately to our management company. Management should also be informed of any room mates not included on the original lease. NO sub-letting is permitted. In conjunction with our established rules and regulations, the occupancy limit of each unit is strictly enforced. It is the responsibility of the unit owner to make sure that tenants are aware of the rules and regulations of our community.  Please be mindful when renting out your unit.

***Applications must be sent to:    

                                                            ATTN: David Putnam

Please contact Putnam Property Management at 239-591-1057 or for sales and rental procedures and forms.

Address Change?

     If your billing, mailing, or home address has changed, PLEASE e-mail David Putnam,, and CC to, with the corrected information as soon as possible to keep all our records current and up-to-date.

When do I need a permit?

      Because Florida laws are in constant change, the following site is necessary for you to look at before beginning any repairs/changes /updates to your unit. Please read carefully, we firmly enforce these statutes in Naples Trace. The site is:  

Insurance Information?

***To request insurance coverage information for the Naples Trace Condominium Association, please contact:


   Client Service Manager:  Melissa Milito (business insurance division)

            Office:  239-649-1444


***Information on WIND MITIGATION can be found by contacting the above telephone number and inquire about confirmation/pictures of wind mitigation for Naples Trace Condominiums.