It is with mixed emotions that I inform you of my resignation from the Board of Directors for Naples Trace. My wife Judy and I have purchased a permanent home in Naples and have sold our condominium here effective November 8, 2018. Without being a resident or owner within Naples Trace, I am no longer qualified to serve on its Board of Directors. Audrey Amodie has graciously accepted to step onto the Board in the position I am vacating for the remainder of my elected term.

     I leave you all in the very capable hands of our present Board: President, Sharon Vath;  Vice-President, Audrey Amodie; Secretary, Shirley Blair; Treasurer, Tom Vandusen; Director, Lupe Luera; CAM, Hank Scholz with Guardian Management. 

     Thank you all for your friendship, your support, and for the faith you have shown in me over the past ten years. I have no doubt that Naples Trace will continue to improve and thrive.

     Most Sincerely,  Everett Getchell

Posted  Wednesday, November 7, 2018


Please be advised that our maintenance man, Mr. Gregg Honn, will be repairing siding on our buildings over the next few months. Should you see him outside attending to this, please understand that he is authorized to be there. We also apologize for any inconvenience this may cause our residents, but this maintenance is absolutely necessary to maintain the value of our complex. Due to the heat of the day, maintenance work may begin early in the morning. 

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


Your Board of Directors for Naples Trace 

Posted:  Sunday, August 18, 2018


Naples Trace now has one of its own, on-site, live-in maintenance man. Our regular weekly cleaning team will continue with their job of keeping our community in its neat, clean order, but we now have someone on site who will be handling maintenance issues such as siding, gutter cleaning and repair, and other issues that our community faces. Please welcome 


You will see him out and about the community doing various jobs that need to be tended to. Gregg is an accomplished carpenter and finisher, tile installer, and general all-round handyman whom you may also hire for personal projects within your unit. Please do not hesitate to thank him for his dedication to our community and the service he is willing to offer. Please understand that should you see someone on a ladder, walking on a roof, removing or repairing fixtures, attending to our many siding issues on our various buildings, that it is Gregg, keeping our community in the best shape possible. 

We are very fortunate to have him within our community and dedicated to keeping it in the best shape possible. Thank you, Gregg!

The Board of Directors for Naples Trace

Posted August 10, 2018


July, 2018  ~ Please be advised that bicycles that have been left unattended, bicycles with flat tires , bicycles with broken chains and rust, and all abandoned bicycles will be removed and disposed of from all bicycle racks  on Wednesday, July 25th, 2018. If you have a bicycle stored in one of these racks, please make sure it is secured by a chain and all tires are inflated, all chains attached and working, and that the bicycle appears to be in usable condition. This action is  necessary  on a once a year basis as people moving in and out of Naples Trace often abandon their bicycles in our racks thereby leaving no room for current residents to use the racks for their bikes. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation with this matter. 


Certified Civil and Family Law Mediator, Certified Arbitrator

The Newgate Tower, 5150 Tamiami Trail North, Suite 501

Naples, Florida 34103

Telephone:  239-435-9303  FAX;  239-435-9304


Naples Trace Homeowners

Re: Supervision of Children

Ladies and Gentlemen:

 The Board has asked me to write a letter to you regarding the supervision of children at the Naples Trace property. Apparently there have been instances of unsupervised children riding their bicycles in the parking lot, not only in the daytime, but at night as well. This obviously creates a dangerous safety hazard, and it also exposes the condominium association to serious liability, which would impact all owners.  The Naples Trace Rules and Regulations state that children using the common elements will be kept under parental or guardian supervision. Aside from any rules involved, parents should obviously not leave their children unsupervised in a dangerous situation or activity.

All parents or guardians are encouraged not to allow their children to ride their bikes in the parking lot, especially at night. Your voluntary cooperation on this will not only make your children safer, it will also prevent the Board from being obliged to take more serious enforcement actions.

Your cooperation will be most appreciated by the Directors and your fellow owners/residents. Thank you.



Attorney for the Association

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Several units within our complex have had severe mold issues. Please be reminded that it is the responsibility of renters and OWNERS to keep your unit mold free. It is YOUR responsibility to service your air handler YEARLY by a licensed technician. It is YOUR responsibility to have a reliable, conscientious home check in place when you are away from your unit for any length of time. It is  YOUR responsibility to leave your thermostat set no higher than 78, as mold will begin to grow at 80 ~ and once mold begins, it spreads unbelievably fast covering walls, counters, woodwork, furniture, floor. Mold grows voraciously overnight, and it is VERY expensive to eradicate and correct, as well as being a significant health hazard. This is Florida ~ we do not have any options when it comes to mold prevention. You/We MUST be proactive to keep mold issues from invading.

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Just a reminder that our quarterly maintenance fee includes pest/insect control. Our service maintains all areas outside of our buildings on a regular basis. However, please understand that should you develop a problem within the walls of your unit, a simple call to our pest control service will get your problem addressed. These visits are free of charge as they are included in our service contract. Our pest control service is 



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We have ongoing pet issues within our complex. First and foremost, only OWNERS are allowed to have pets in residence, and according to our Rules and Regulations, those pets can not exceed 25 lbs. in weight. RENTERS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO HAVE PETS, as stated in our Rules and Regulations and which was agreed upon at lease signing. 

If you have a pet, it is your job ~ legally as well as morally ~ to pick up after them. We know that we are all very busy and time can sometimes be of great importance, but picking up after your pet is NOT an option, it is an OBLIGATION and the LAW.  Also, please curb your pet AWAY from planted shrubbery or flowers ~ not doing so will kill a plant or introduce disease faster than anything else! Thank you for your attention to this matter.

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Naples Trace has four large, enclosed dumpster sites for our residents only. There are also numerous recycling bins at each of those sites.  Please understand that NO FURNITURE, MATTRESSES, or APPLIANCES  can be thrown into our dumpsters, nor can they be left outside the dumpster or anywhere  within or around a dumpster or its enclosure.  Nothing can be placed inside a dumpster if it prevents the dumpster lid from closing completely. If you have mattresses, appliances, or furniture that needs to be disposed of, please contact management and they will help in finding a proper disposal method. In this vein, please remember to close and latch the dumpster gates upon leaving the area.  Our recycling bins are for RECYCLABLES ONLY. They are not meant for everyday household trash ~ everyday trash goes into our dumpsters. Again, please remember to securely close the bin lids, and if a lid cannot be closed, please chose another bin to place your recyclables into. All cardboard boxes/crates MUST BE BROKEN DOWN and ly flat before being placed in any trash container.

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Please respect and comply with the fact  that there is NO CAR WASHING or CAR REPAIR ALLOWED on the grounds of Naples Trace, as stated in our Rules and Regulations.

Please understand that guests MUST park in the guest spots provided for their particular buildings. Overflow parking is available in the area on the side of building 4 (diagonally across from the mailboxes), and in the parking area between buildings 9 and 10. We have limited parking, so this rule must be enforced. Please also be reminded that "guests" are considered to be a visitor that does not remain in Naples Trace beyond three weeks. We do not allow cars to be parked within our community indefinitely unless they are registered owners, residents, or tenants of our community. Seasonal renters are also required to register their vehicles with management. Owners/tenants are assigned one numbered spot outside of their building, and the use of one guest spot outside of their building. There are NO accommodations for three vehicles from one unit. Unregistered vehicles are NOT ALLOWED to remain within Naples Trace.

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