We said an unwelcome "Hello" to Irma, and then a very happy "Good-by", although as of today (Sept. 12) we are still dealing with her effects. To get right to the question on everyone's mind, Naples Trace fared very well through Irma's onslaught, thanks to the preparations done before hand and to    our wonderful residents who stepped up to the plate to insure everyone's safety, Although the complex is still without electricity, damage could have been so much worse.  Structurally, we will need some roof shingles replaced, but to the best of our knowledge and inspection to date, windows and screening remained in tact. Water damage was minimal, as to all our last reports, for which we are very thankful. There did not appear to be any significant flooding within the complex. We did lose some trees and shrubbery, and our grounds were very littered. Our property manager, David Putnam, who walked the complex sometime yesterday to assess damages which might need immediate attention, remarked on how impressed he was to see our residents up and about and picking up and piling the many pieces of storm debris that covered our complex. Thank you to our residents for being so conscientious and proud of where we live. We did lose the enclosure for the pool pumps, although the pumps themselves were not damaged (thankfully!!) and we are looking into replacing that structure as soon as possible. Trees that were downed or leaning unfavorably will be addressed as soon as possible. The large tree that blocked our entrance has been removed and placed to the side so we are able to get in and out of our complex with little trouble. Although it will take some time for clean-up to be completed and for our complex to look more like its old self, we did well. Thank you to the many residents who helped secure the complex prior to Irma's arrival, to their caring and availability for those residents who remained during Irma's onslaught, and to everyone who helped and is helping to clean up the debris left behind. As soon as we have some pictures in hand, we will post them on this page for you to see. Again, the Board of Directors wishes to express their sincere gratitude to all our residents for their caring and help before and during Irma ~ we are proud of the community we have all helped to create. Here's hoping our electricity returns quickly and our water pressure returns to a more normal state in the very near future.

Wednesday, Sept. 13, 2017

     Just a daily up-date. Currently Naples Trace is still without power and water pressure remains very, very weak. Debris is still everywhere, our residents are doing the best they can. Gasoline is still very difficult to find. Most intersection lights in Naples are out, making driving very treacherous. The county is doing the best they can at getting power first to intersections ~ for obvious safety reasons ~ and then to the people. We will let you know thru daily updates when power and water pressure return.  As of this minute, 72% of all cell towers in Collier County are out of commission, so getting thru to anyone is quite difficult. Please know that is why reaching anyone can be  inconsistent and unpredictable.

Thursday, Sept. 14, 2017

     Hello everyone. Today finds Naples Trace just about the same as yesterday. Still no power, very weak water pressure , and cell phone issues continuing due to lack of cell towers up and running. We have heard from our landscapers. They are up and running and promise to get to Naples Trace just as soon as possible. We still have quite a lot of debris and leaning trees that need to be addressed. A roofer should be coming soon to address the conditions of our roofs due to many missing shingles. It is 95 there today, so I am sure our residents are just about at the end of their rope.Obtaining gas and drinking water still remains an issue. Florida Power and Light is working around the clock trying to get everything somewhat back to normal. The good news is some areas of North Naples have had power restored, unfortunately Naples Trace is not one of those complexes as yet. At least we can find some comfort in the fact that FPL is at least in our area. Until tomorrow, best of luck to all our residents. Our thoughts are with you.

Friday, Sept. 15, 2017

     The weekend....don't know if that is good or bad!! Please understand that we are in MA., so we are trying to get accurate information to you as quickly as possible. We are relying on our own investigations and also the news coming from our residents. WE have learned today that on Sept. 10th FEMA declared Collier County a disaster area. This means several things. First of all, you must contact FEMA and go through their organization to avail yourself of any of their abilities and services. Their best way of contact ~ if you can hold on long enough ~ is through telephone, at 1-800-621-3362; you can also find more information, contact numbers, and possible services at We have been told that if you have been without power for more than two days, FEMA will cover your lodging. But you MUST go through them for this service, and (hopefully) they have places of lodging for you. As you well know, Naples Trace is still without power or water pressure. In that regard, we must make you aware that the pool also is not circulating. However, our pool company was there today and skimmed the debris from the pool and manually chlorinated it. That means, the chlorine is strong and you will smell it and feel it on your body, but it is presently at a safe level for use. The tree service was at Naples Trace this morning and did an assessment of what needs to be addressed, hopefully that will begin as soon as possible, and as soon as the County has discharged them from their services. Please understand that we have been in touch with both our tree service and our landscapers, but the County is also using all those providers to help them in returning power to the County, so  our clean-up falls in line AFTER power has been returned to Naples Trace. I wish we could control what FPL does, but with such an overall disaster, corrections are prioritized. North Collier Regional Park, at 15000 Livingston Rd., has electricity, air conditioning, and bottled water. The First Baptist Church on Orange Blossom has food packages, bottled water, and hygiene supplies. Patience.....Patience.... and we well understand how difficult that must be. Maybe a meal at a restaurant and a walk on the beach can help restore you a little ~ especially when there is nothing you can control!

Saturday,  Sept. 16, 2017

     Hello everyone. First of all, special thanks to Tom VanDusen for e-mailing out photos of our complex after Hurricane Irma. I will try to attach them to this site as soon as I learn how!! All our words just cannot compare to seeing the actual sight. Again today our complex is without power. And just when you thought it could not get any worse, the city of Naples shut off the water supply to Naples Trace as they were trying to get pumps up and running for the sewerage issues that have developed. Luckily, the water was turned back on several hours later, but we have not received any notification as to whether or not the water may have to be turned off again. Schools in Collier County have been called off for the entire upcoming week. One of our residents was able to get word to us that the power in the plaza has been restored. That IS close, so we are hoping that perhaps Naples Trace will soon have power again. Our landscapers spent the day today at Naples Trace and did some major picking up and hauling away of debris. They took a lot of the large debris away, and made piles of smaller debris. Although we are still far from neat and tidy, their work did make a noticeable improvement from what it was before they started. Unfortunately, our landscapers cannot address the large trees. We have reached out to several tree people and we are hoping one of them can begin servicing us as soon as possible. We will keep you abreast of that issue. Also, we are most definitely on a repair schedule with a roofing firm, but we do not have a confirmed start date as of today. So, once again, we send our heartfelt sympathy to those residents at Naples Trace that are daily living through this horror. We are thrilled that at least our pool is now swimmable, helping a little to ease some of the discomfort of the daily heat. Stay strong, our thoughts are with you, and we are praying every minute that electrical power returns to Naples Trace very soon. Until tomorrow, have a great evening ~ or rather, the best evening you can under the circumstances!!

Sunday, Sept. 17, 2017

     There are no sweeter words....... THE POWER IS ON! Last night Naples Trace residents were notified that power had been restored, but - in fact - they were all still in darkness. This morning FPL came to the Trace and were able to locate the problem, and as of 11:30AM this morning power now lights our homes. As of this moment, we have no other news or changes to report, but as the day goes on if other issues come to "light" or  there is other important information to share, we will add to this post. We are sure there must be many, many smiling faces in Naples Trace at this moment, and we hope and pray that we are now on an upswing back to some type of normality. Now as long as our water issues improve and our power stays on, we can address all the smaller issues Irma has left behind. To all that remained at Naples Trace through all of this, you all deserve hero and heroine status!!

Monday, Sept. 18, 2017

     Good evening everyone, sorry we are a little late in updating today. We are sure there must be much relief in Naples Trace today with the return of electricity. However, we are not entirely out of the woods yet. The "Boil water" notice is still in effect. That means, you should be boiling water even BEFORE it is used to serve or brew hot drinks, including coffee. In that vein, we would like to remind you that it may be unsafe to drink any unsealed beverages at restaurants ~ that includes fountain drinks or drinks served with ice made from possibly contaminated water. Ice, especially, could be a danger. Until the "Boil water" decree is lifted, we need to be very careful to avoid illnesses such as dysentery, or worse. Again, our water source is still not up to par. Limiting use of, or possibly not using at all, washing machines; not using dishwashers; and, unfortunately, being a little more conservative with toilet flushes, will help until all county pumps are up and working correctly and thoroughly. At Naples Trace, roofers are due to inspect our roofs this week, our pool company will continue to come and keep our pool as clean and healthy as possible, and our landscapers will be on sight to do all that they can when they are there. We are still hoping our tree service technicians can get in here as soon as possible. In closing, wishing everyone well and hoping that the return of electricity has brought more comfort and a little easier life style to all our residents. 

Wednesday, Sept. 20, 2017

     Hello everyone. Ever so slowly things are beginning to get back to some degree of normal. This afternoon, the "Boil Water"  decree has been lifted. We would like to remind everyone, though, to please run the water through your pipes for several minutes before using any standing pipe water that could contain contaminates. Our landscapers were at the Trace again today and continue to clean up as thoroughly and neatly as possible ~ they even cut our grass! We are in daily contact with our tree people hoping to get them to the Trace as soon as possible ~ knowing how busy they all are, we would like to address the two leaning trees as soon as possible (as they are our first priority) and we are willing to be patient with the other tree issues until the County has freed up some of the time they are demanding from our tree people.  Matthew, our weekly janitor/cleaner, will be on site tomorrow and will return our pool furniture to the pool area as well as begin his usual cycle of cleaning. Again, we ask our residents for patience as we are dealing with unusual circumstances and can only do what is humanly possible within the allotted time.