Decoration Policy

DOOR DECOR  ~ A holiday appropriate door decoration may be displayed ONLY on the front of the door of the unit, attached only by a magnetic hook or over-the-door holder. Doors may NOT be outlined with anything electrical or lighted. There are NO PERMANENT door decorations allowed.

WINDOW DECOR ~ Lighting/decor may only be displayed on the INTERIOR of the windows. NO outside window decor is permitted. Window appliqués ( stickers, gel appliqués, etc.) cannot be displayed on front facing windows. 

LANAI ~ Due to fire code regulations, only ARTIFICIAL Christmas trees are allowed to be placed on lanais. NO decorations OR lights may be attached to the outside of ANY lanai.

***NO decorations, signs, plants, inflatables, or any type object are allowed to be placed on the cement entry pads of each unit or on the grassy areas outside of our buildings. NO decorations are allowed to be wrapped or hung from any outside railings.

DECEMBER HOLIDAY DECORATIONS  conforming to the above documented guidelines may be displayed from the Saturday after Thanksgiving until the Saturday following Jan. 1st, but must be removed no later than January 8th of each year.

ALL OTHER HOLIDAY DECORATIONS may only be displayed 21 days prior to the holiday and must be removed within 5 days AFTER the holiday.

YEARLY HOLIDAYS are considered to be;

Valentine's Day

St. Patrick's Day


Fourth of July


Veteran's Day


December Holidays ~ Hanukkah,  Christmas

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