Please abide by the following guidelines when selling or leasing your condominium, whether it be a seasonal rental, a long-term rental, or a sale.

1. Download and print out the Sale and Rental Application for Naples Trace AND the Application for Occupancy (required by our background check company) accessible by clicking on the link at the end of this information.

2. Have prospective buyer/tenant fill out application forms complete with signatures  and include non-refundable  application fee of $100.00 and send to management as soon as possible. Application MUST be received at least two weeks PRIOR to tenancy to allow the required background check and orientation meeting to be completed. All sales and rentals MUST be approved and accepted by management and the Naples Trace Board of Directors after a background check is complete and BEFORE any occupancy can occur.

3. Contact manager to arrange the required orientation meeting with the tenant/buyer.

4. Give prospective tenant/buyer a copy of the Rules and Regulations for Naples Trace.

5. After the required orientation meeting and approval, send a copy of signed LEASE to the management office.

***If your unit is handled by a realtor or manager, it is your responsibility to convey this information to them and have them follow same. ***

***To request insurance coverage information, including wind mitigation, for the Naples Trace Condominium Association, please contact:


Office:  239-649-1444


Click on  files to download. Each of the documents accessed below MUST be returned together for a successful background check to be completed in a reasonable amount of time. Thank you.

NT App for Sale/Rental '17 (pdf)


AI - Application for Occupancy Ltr 2016 (pdf)